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Jun 19 2017 | Posted In: Turkish Studies
By Nic Fort (Contributing Writer for the Stanford Daily)   A joint offering from the comparative literature department and the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, COMPLIT 102: “Understanding Turkey Through Film” studies the politics and social issues of Middle Eastern countries through the lens of...
Apr 4 2017 | Posted In: Maghrebi Studies
FRENCH 133 (AFRICAST 132 / AFRICAAM 133 / JEWISHST 143) Introduction to Francophone Literature from Africa and the Caribbean taught by Dr. Marie-Pierre Ulloa Student authored vignettes on their couscous dinner experience at Bistro Vida on 30/13/17.
Nov 3 2016 | Posted In: Sephardi Studies
Touted as the "Jerusalem of the Balkans," the Mediterranean port city of Salonica (Thessaloniki) was once home to the largest Sephardic Jewish community in the world. The collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the city's incorporation into Greece in 1912 provoked a major upheaval that compelled...
Oct 18 2016 | Posted In: Maghrebi Studies
Marie Pierre Ulloa (Department of French and Italian) interviews authors Tobias Wolff and Alice Kaplan on the work and legacy of Albert Camus. The interview features a discussion on Camu's various works including The Stranger and The Algerian Chronicles.
Jul 26 2016 | Posted In: Turkish Studies
As the investigation into the recent coup attempt in Turkey continues to unfold, Associate Director Burcak Keskin-Kozat provides context for what she has described as a “socio-political implosion.”